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Many website owners and small business face this common problem: Emails sent from their corporate / business accounts are NOT getting delivered to recipients’ Inbox due to email filters.Sometimes emails reach the SPAM Folder of the recipient and in other cases, emails are getting totally REJECTED. The consequences of this problem are obvious and are not only affecting the business email of the team, but the whole performance of a website. Imagine how painful is for a website user, not to get the Purchase Confirmation email, or the Forgot Password email.

This book comes as solution to this problem. Widget Software Development Company is using this method for all its clients with 100% success.

The book provides a step by step guide to setup new Outgoing Email Settings and can be implemented by the website owner without technical knowledge.The process of getting the new settings and applying those on all business emails is immediately effective.


Reasons why Emails are reaching Junk Folder or getting totally rejected

– Description of the new Email Infrastructure

– Step by Step Guide for all Server Settings with Images and Screenshots

You can also choose to let us implement the method on your website. Upon payment we will contact you to setup an online meeting. The cost is 80EUR and the meeting will be arranged within 3 days upon payment.


Business Email Solution

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