How to build an online store from scratch – A Usefull Guide
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How to build an online store from scratch – A Usefull Guide

This article analyzes the platforms that enable the entrepreneurs to proceed immediately and without significant costs to build an online store from scratch on their own, without the assistance of developers or outsourcing a project to a company.

If you have a business or store where you have products or services available to the public, you are likely to use up-to-date marketing and promotion tools such as facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

It is true that before the consumer makes a purchase, the first thing they do is …guess what?…Searcj Online!

But besides the importance of having social media or even a website for a business, there is an urgent need to keep an eshop on its own.

It is understood that targeting a small to medium-sized craftsman or retailer to a well-established web design company that is fully in charge of eshop can be extremely costly, and of questionable efficiency simply because a professional e-shop needs to be combined with both to begin to perform.

The combination of the cost of building an online store with the costs of display promotion and advertising on google, facebook, instagram, youtube is very likely to be unbearable for the entrepreneur at least in the beginning.

Lean Startup

In business there is a methodology according to which a company applies flexible growth methods without high costs and strict decisions in order to always maintain the ability to change and control costs.

Well known is Erik Rise’s book The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses, which presents the LEAN method in detail.

This methodology is not so new, as countries such as Japan have applied flexibility to business innovation for many years. The Japanese apply the so-called KAIZEN according to which every business decision is based on the result of a previous decision.

All decisions are about small evolutionary steps rather than big ones. The small step can be taken by the business management and the entrepreneur to implement it quickly and without cost and also to measure its effectiveness.

In a nutshell, imagine KAIZEN as a large staircase with very small steps. Each time decisions are made about the next very close step. The only point for the business to keep in mind is that these steps are continuous so that every step is taken, measured and immediately followed by the next step.

The modern Greek business, can apply the LEAN & KAISEN junkies because in addition to being in line with the culture of the Greek entrepreneur, they are also favored by the modern economic environment (limited liquidity, tax uncertainty, troubled political climate).

In the next chapter I will talk about the current technological environment and how it is linked to KAIZEN & Lean.

Make Online Store from Scratch  – Technological Environment

A few years ago, the know-how about digital business belonged to a few, big companies that could absorb and trained staff, resulting in the high concentration of online store building projects to a few suppliers. The prices were prohibitive for the small and medium-sized entrepreneur and the possibility of changes was minimal and very expensive.

In short, the business decision to build an e-shop could not, with existing technological means, follow the KAIZEN methodology (fast decision – low cost – flexibility)

In recent years, technology has made a huge leap: new platforms have emerged enabling entrepreneurs to build an e-shop on their own without the need to hire a specialist. This has opened up new avenues as the business decision to open an e-shop (which also means strategically placing companies in online business) is extremely easy and not expensive at all.

The existence of startups that allow the e-shop to be built by the businessmen themselves and not by the experts, are shaping a new technological and economic environment that requires the existing e-shop companies to adapt.

The following is a brief presentation of the platforms based on the “Build Eshop On My Own” model.

As there are many technologies that more or less offer this capability, we have chosen only those that enable the creation of an online store without any prior programming knowledge and without the requirement of a developer base.

For example, the popular woocommerce platform may allow the entrepreneur to upload products and manage their own online store, but it requires a wordpress technology site that no one can do without expert web development.

The reason is therefore exclusively for platforms where entrepreneurs can open an account at this time and simply without any other reason to upload their products, set prices and start accepting orders the next day.

The biggest platform right now for users who want to create their own e-shop from scratch without the help of an expert.


All the entrepreneur has to do is select the subscription plan he wants and immediately upload his products. There is a free trial for all shots and no programming language skills are required. The end result is a complete online payment eshop.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify’s billing model is paid. There is a fixed charge per month and additional extras for the services that business people desire.

Shopify’s subscription packages are:

Lite – $ 9 per month
Basic – $ 29 per month
Shopify – $ 79 per month
Advanced Shopify – $ 299 per month

In this presentation we will focus on the Lite and Basic packages and the possibility of obtaining Eshop even from $ 9 per month (Lite).

Lite Subscription

The LITE package does not make it possible to obtain a separate e-shop but professionals can sell their products through Facebook and Messenger. It also enables the use of the Buy Button button – by which the entrepreneur creates a product and can use it on an existing site that is not an e-shop.

In my opinion, the LITE package is not appropriate because it does not support the ability of a separate website and the Buy button presupposes the existence of a website.


Basic subscription covers the average businessman and is my suggestion if one chooses the Shopify solution. With the Basic package at $ 29 a month the entrepreneur can build his own eshop and have

The basic plan essentially gives a complete online shop to the business owner. The price is extremely affordable ($ 29 / month) and is also available for free trial use for 14 days.

The advantages also include a very up-to-date blog on training in using the platform although overall the process is extremely easy and understandable.

Greek platform that allows the entrepreneur to upload any product code he wishes and set prices. The creation of the e-shop is entirely done by the owner.


The process is extremely simple as all one needs to do is make a simple request which is accepted in a few hours. The application describes the type of business and the city in which it is based. Once the request is accepted, the user receives a vendor code and can upload their products immediately, set prices and receive orders. The management environment is Greek which is considered extremely important.

Pricing follows a billing model per product code. The starting price is 1 € / code. If a company wants to add 5 codes the final price is 5 €.


Each e-shop is under the umbrella of Draft etc. The owner is not allowed to have an e-shop of format but only of For example, the address of an e-shop for a business called cheapclolthes will be – it is not possible to format

As there are other Online Solutions from companies like WIX or Weebly we would say that Shopify is currently the best solution for someone who wants to set up their own e-shop business. Technologies change, new business models emerge enabling entrepreneurs to enter the digital world more easily, faster


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